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Name: Malin Lindberg
Canon: Vampire: The Masquerade
Clan: Gangrel
Concept: Going all out with the clan curse on a neonate.
Age: embraced shortly after her 17th birthday
Appearance: Covered in dark dog-fur except for her face and parts of her head, which are more snake-like and include a snake tongue; bat ears; claws on both hands, rat hands and feet; long fluffy cat tail; bat wings with a wingspan of roughly three feet; spinnerets on her abdomen. She also exhibits various animal behaviours.
Generation: 12 11
Affiliation: Independent, formerly Camarilla

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Memory: 9
Decay path: Werewolf
Application: Here.
Stigmatic glitch: It is slightly colder where she walks.
CR chart: Here.
Note: Throughout her first month in Hex, those who can read auras will see hers being marred by fat black streaks.

Because this sums her up quite perfectly:

Human appearance
Reference for her quote


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Malin Lindberg